The Power of Personal Training

We never grow tired of spreading GOOD NEWS! Read on to hear how one man’s membership in his company’s on-site fitness center led to a trimmer, healthier, more youthful self! 


Liz, a HealthEase site manager, recalls how Ken looked 10 years older than his actual age and was taking several medications for various medical conditions when he signed up for personal training sessions with her. “The first two times we trained, Ken had to sit down and catch his breath numerous times, and I saw him turn very pale.  We took things slow and steady and eventually started to see great progress.  I remember when he was able to go off many of his medications due to his exercise program! That was so exciting.  He is now very active, looks great for his age, and I have thoroughly enjoyed helping him reach his health goals.”


Here is what Ken has to say about the experience: “I started working out twice a week with Liz {at our company gym} with the simple goal of getting in shape. She has exceeded my expectations, and the results have been fantastic as I am now down over 40 pounds. I have also managed to cut some of my hypertension medicines as a result and feel great. My doctor is amazed. Liz has kept the gym workouts fresh and has mixed in a lot of dietary advice as well, which has been a huge factor in my success. She also goes beyond the day-to-day {responsibilities}; she ran with {our team} n the Broad Street Run and will also be biking with me and other employees in the MS Bike to the Shore ride in September.”


Before and After photos of Ken:


New Mom, New Body!

We love to hear from clients who have overcome a challenge with our help! Read on for another HealthEase success story…


Rachel, an employee at a suburban Philadelphia pharmaceutical company where HealthEase manages the on-site fitness center, enlisted the help of our dynamite site manager Liz. After giving birth to twins, Rachel had trouble losing weight and resorted to wearing one pair of pants and buying loose dresses that fit her larger size. Once she made the decision to get healthy, Liz gave her an exercise and nutrition plan to follow. Rachel dropped 35 pounds and says: “I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. Liz kept me going when I got frustrated and pushed me past limits I set for myself in my head. Her knowledge, support, and dedication are amazing!”


Here’s what Liz has to say about the experience: “Rachel came to me with quite the attitude, “I want you to kick my ass into shape” she said, with this look of determination in her eyes.  I replied, ‘I can do that’ I encouraged Rachel to log her food on, and she did very well with that.  She is now a workout queen! It is amazing to see a transformation in someone, but even better when you see them enjoying exercise. She is now one fit mom!!”


Rachel Before:          Rachel After:




Member Success Story: Mara says ‘yes’ to the (gala) dress

Here’s proof that exercise can be fun and effective! Read one woman’s account of how she has exercised faithfully and followed the advice of HealthEase fitness specialist Brie, who works as an assistant site manager in the fitness center at one of our client’s national headquarters in suburban Philadelphia:


“I have been an active member at the gym for a while, and I love it. Brie has helped me to achieve my goals since she started working here. She is energetic and always motivating others to keep working out and do better every day.


I take her H.I.I.T. class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 am; it is super fun! I had no idea how many calories you can burn in JUST 30 MINUTES! It is insane; my favorite class ever! Brie makes everything fun; she shows you the proper way to lift weights, stretch, and, if you have any other questions, she is always there for you.


My best achievement was to be able to fit into my dress for our company’s gala event. I followed every single advice Brie gave, and I even lost a few extra pounds – when your clothes fit even bigger than you planned, it is a good problem to have!”


Is Your Company Planning an On-Site Fitness Center? Avoid The 5 Biggest Mistakes!

It’s easy to grasp the benefits of an on-site corporate fitness center. When people exercise regularly and are motivated to take care of themselves, they become healthier, more productive employees, with fewer absences and better morale. Companies who offer on-site fitness centers are able to recruit and retain higher quality workers while benefiting from lower insurance premiums and other expenses incurred from a less fit, under-performing workforce.


What’s more difficult to figure out is how to design and implement a fitness center that attracts members and meets the desired objectives. If your company plans to launch an on-site fitness center, be sure to avoid the Top 5 costliest mistakes!


To learn more, click this link:    5 Mistakes White Paper


Author:  Armand Tecco, M.Ed., President, HealthEase, Inc.

Gym Hygiene Fends Off Germs!

With cold and flu season in our midst, we all need to take extra precautions to stay healthy. Because fitness centers can be fertile ground for germs, we recommend following a few simple steps to protect yourself and others whenever you head to the gym for a workout:

  1. Wipe down equipment before AND after use. The most effective preventive measure is to use the gym wipes provided at most fitness centers to clean off the equipment before and after using it. This includes dumbbells and mats, as well as the machines. Even if you bring your own yoga or stretching mat, be sure to clean that as well because it can pick up germs simply by being carried and placed on the gym floor.
  2. Wash up! Be sure to wash your hands, or at least use hand sanitizer, before and after completing your workout. If you have the time, shower immediately after a workout and change into clean, dry clothes. Sitting in sweaty clothes will only increase your exposure to potentially harmful pathogen.
  3. Be defensive.
    • Wear sandals when walking and showering in the locker rooms, and around pool decks. Bacteria-causing infections, such as athlete’s foot, tend to linger in warm and damp environments.
    • Shower before entering the pool and after exiting. The shower will not only wash away dirt and oil, but also any bad bacteria or germs that attached to your body.
    • If you have an open wound, avoid all contact with the pool until it’s fully healed. When using equipment, cover the wound with a bandage while exercising to reduce the chance of contracting any germs via the wound as well as to prevent secretion from the wound spreading to others.
    • Avoid touching your face until after you’ve washed your hands. The eyes, nose, and mouth easily transmit viruses and bacteria to the body.
  4. Allow your body the rest and recovery time it needs. If you’re feeling under the weather, take a rest day from the gym! Coughing and sneezing around the equipment will expedite the spread of germs that can cause a cold, norovirus, and influenza. Your body will appreciate the break – and so will your fellow gym goers.
  5. The Golden Rule: Treat your Fitness Center the way you wish others to treat it. Wipe down your equipment and be a courteous and clean workout neighbor, and others will follow suit.

Don’t let a fear of germs be your reason not to exercise! Studies have shown exercise improves your overall fitness, which can help boost your immune system. In fact, ‘moderate intensity’ exercise may reduce the number of colds you get. So, grab a gym wipe and get on that treadmill!


Author: Kasey Jenkins, HealthEase Fitness Center Site Manager