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One of our team members brings a unique perspective to the current global health crisis and its connection to her yoga practice…
    As a fitness instructor, I feel like I am constantly on the go. Teaching, training, fixing broken treadmills, emailing, scheduling, you name it. While I certainly would wish for a break under different circumstances, I feel grateful for the quiet time to pull back and reflect. Since I am always teaching, I rarely get time to take fitness classes on my own and learn from other instructors. It’s been nice to take some virtual yoga classes and open my mind to new or re-learned insights. 
     In an almost magical parallelism between my yoga practice and world events, a mantra struck me as apropos: “Ground down where you can ground down, release deeper where you can release.” While it is important to take seriously our communal steps toward healing and to be in-the-know about the goings-on of our world and neighborhoods, it is equally important to allow ourselves healing moments to step away from the panic.
     As I delved deeper into my solo chaturangas this week, I uncovered the strength of my fingertips, hands, wrists and arms connecting to the solid ground underneath of me while simultaneously inhaling a fresh relaxing breath into my shoulders, neck and jaw.
    The importance of both aspects of my yoga practice struck me in its reflection of this pandemic. I can respect the gravity of this situation, choose specific times to tune into the news, listen to our leaders and follow their directions closely. And yet, I can still feel deep gratitude for the lighthearted moments throughout my day, the time away from a hectic schedule, the beautiful people who enrich my day-to-day life.
    Yoga has allowed me to see and embrace this balance- to ground down where I can ground down, and to release deeper where I can release. 
By HealthEase Manager & Fitness Specialist Julianne Baratta