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Most of us have a desired image stored in our brain of what we want to look like. We all see celebrities, social media influencers, and pro athletes that look great, so we might try to copy them in the process.

Next thing you know, we are buying their supplements, copying their workout programs, mimicking their makeup, etc., because we are convinced that this will somehow help us get one step closer to that goal of looking like THEM.

My advice is simple: Don’t worry. Be the best version of yourself!

It is perfectly normal and helpful to gain inspiration from these people to start your journey. I got my inspiration for lifting weights from watching pro wrestling at a young age. But over the years, I molded my body to the best of my abilities, comparing my efforts with my previous efforts. I didn’t compare my progress to anyone else’s.

Today, the goal remains the same – To simply be the best version of myself! I encourage you to do the same.

by HealthEase fitness pro Dominick LaMorgia