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Boost Your Mood to Cope with Covid-19 Stress

In this world of Covid-19 most of our days have been turned upside and a lot of us are struggling to find moments of pure bliss to combat the loneliness and negative emotions that are hitting us in waves during this pandemic. When this happens your stress levels could rise, leading to more anxiety throughout your day.

HealthEase wants to offer you ways to give your body a rush of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which comprise the body’s chemical cocktail for elevating your mood and your overall health.

– Close your eyes and think of a place that brings you peace. It can be your favorite travel destination, a quiet spot in your home, or an imaginary world you create that looks, sounds, and feels idyllic.

– Listen to your favorite song, podcast or natural sounds (like a rainforest soundtrack).

– Take a break to savor a cup of coffee or tea, focusing on the warmth and flavor.

– Call a friend, coworker or family member. They’ll appreciate hearing from you too.

– Turn on happy music for an impromptu dance party. No one’s watching so let loose!

– Sit upright and take a few deep breaths, matching the lengths of your inhales and exhales. Try this now for instant relief.

– Get in a quick workout. Exercise triggers those feel-good endorphins!

– Take a walk outside (following  the guidelines in place for social distancing, of course). The fresh air and natural surroundings will provide a pick-me-up.

– If you have the freedom, take a power nap (no more than 20 minutes) to restore your energy levels.

By HealthEase fitness professional Joe Pepe