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A Fresh Start to Fitness

It can be a little overwhelming to start a new fitness program because of all the options available – exercise classes, diets, fitness gadgets, gyms, and more. To help you start your fitness journey, here are some simple steps to follow:   Assess your fitness level Assessing and recording your baseline fitness level can give […]

Get in Condition for Ski Season NOW!

With falling leaves and dropping temperatures, one thing is for sure; ski season is right around the corner.  According to Dr. Stuart Styles of Somer Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group, “Few sports are as physically demanding as downhill skiing,” yet many skiers don’t properly train for this winter activity.   According to Dr. Styles, the […]

Are Your Daily Beauty Products Harming You?

When we think of widely consumed substances that are harmful to the body, things like alcohol, tobacco, red meat and sugary sodas often come to mind. But now you’ll find more studies raising concerns over the safety of common ingredients found in popular everyday personal care products. Given the prevalence of diseases and disorders such […]