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If you miss working out in a fitness center and are finding it a challenge to exercise at home, maybe what you need is STRUCTURE.  First, designate a room or area where you will work out.  Just like your bedroom should be for sleep, try to find “gym space” in your home that will be used for exercise! When you enter that space, your mental focus will be on getting a sweat, a stretch, or whatever type of workout you need.

To help set the stage, lay down a yoga mat, prop up a mirror, stock resistance bands, water bottles, a towel, and other accessories that support your workouts.

Then, map out and WRITE down your planned weekly routine.  Just like a to-do list, have a day you will walk, a day for push-ups and squats, a day for yoga, a day for working your core, etc. Hold yourself accountable to follow the routine.

Here’s a Sample Weekly Routine:

Monday – full body workout using bodyweight exercises

Tuesday – yoga

Wednesday – walk 3 miles outdoors

Thursday – repeat Monday’s workout

Friday – focus on exercises for your core and stretching

Saturday – take the family on a hike

Sunday – play active games and Facetime an old friend 🙂

Have fun with it and make a new routine that works for you. If you do, I know you will get more exercise and feel more accomplished!

By Liz Reichel, HealthEase fitness professional