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To add a bit of fun and excitement on your family walks, try one or more of these ideas…

  1. Go on a counting walk. Count the number of trees you see or count the parked cars.
  2. Take binoculars and look at your neighborhood’s nature surroundings!
  3. Make it a scavenger hunt. Look for something big, something tiny, something rough or something smooth. Children can bring our HealthEase Scavenger Hunt list of specific things to find.
  4. Play “I Spy” while you walk along. Whoever guesses first gets to come up with the next clue.
  5. Go on a color hunt. See how many different colors you can find.
  6. Go on a listening walk. How many different things do you hear on your walk.
  7. Keep a camera ready to snap any cool nature scenes you see along the way!

By: Michael M., HealthEase Fitness Specialist