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We’ve all been there. Someone drops the ball; one piece of a project suddenly goes sideways; the client calls seething about something that went wrong.

Instead of letting these things ruin your day, throw you into a tailspin, push you to the brink of losing your mind, or have you come completely unglued, try this.

Sit up straight. Feet flat on the floor. If you’re at your computer, minimize all work tasks, and if possible, put up a picture of a nature scene. Now, Take a deep breath and let your shoulders drop down away from your ears. Take another deep breath and breathe fully into the whole space of your rib cage. Take another deep breath and allow that breath to fill the space of your whole head. On the next breath, relax your jaw. On the next, relax your forehead. Take 2 deep breaths and allow these to fill your entire body – from the top of your head, down to the bottoms of your feet. Take 3 more breaths and simply focus on inhaling for a count of 3, and exhaling for a count of 3.

You can repeat that exercise if you need to, as many times as you need to. Once you feel clear and calm, you can begin to address the issue. Calm heads always prevail, and calm heads always find a solution from a place of support that benefits everyone.

by Jennifer Whiteford-Givler, Workplace and Corporate Yoga and Meditation Teacher