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Sometimes our best intentions to exercise are no match for the curve balls life throws our way. Schedules get busy or energy levels drop, but we can still adjust our workouts to ensure we meet our exercise goals and fit in our fitness.

Be ready to adjust your original plans to overcome new obstacles!

In a time crunch?

  • Shorten your overall workout time and increase your intensity.
  • Increase your running or walking speed and decrease your overall time
  • Move quickly through a 15-20 minute weight lifting routine with little rest between exercises
  • Jump rope for 5-10 minutes

Not energized to get to the gym?

Try these activities when your energy is low:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates and core exercises
  • Walking with weights
  • Elliptical or exercise bike at a moderate intensity (heart rate and breathing rate are up, but you can still talk in full sentences)
  • Do whatever workout you feel you can handle, whether it’s stretching exercises or doing a 20-minute weight training routine. Some exercise is always better than none.

Bad weather ruining your outdoor workout plans?

  • Run or walk on the treadmill or other cardio machine.
  • Try an at-home workout DVD or bodyweight exercise routine instead.
  • Look into foul-weather gear; there are many types of clothing and footwear for rain and snow, even ice.

Enjoy a sense of accomplishment for overcoming obstacles and sticking to your goals as best you can!