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There is no time better than anytime to be DREAMING and GOAL SETTING. Do you have a preference? Do you find one more complicated than the other? Does one simply resonate with you more than the other?

Both dreaming and goal setting are part of who we are 🙂 But how are they different?


  • are BIG. They are such a special part of our soul!
  • are public (vision boards) we feel inspired and excited to share them with others – which in turn energizes someone else to share theirs; aka, The Ripple Effect.
  • have zero timeline or expiration.
  • should be E.A.S.Y. (energizing, aspirational, spacious, yours)
  • are not a choice. They just are! They are there for us to grab hold of and believe in them.


  • are small – mainly because the idea is they will be achieved and therefore need to be reachable.
  • are private; we tend to keep goals to ourselves.
  • need a measurable timeline, end date.
  • should be H.A.R.D. (habitual, action-oriented, reachable, do it anyway).
  • are a choice – we choose our own goals and whether to reach them or not.

I hope understanding these five differences between the two will help you to believe in your dreams and crush your goals!

By HealthEase wellness specialist Megan Forgie