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Dress for (Fitness) Success

To embrace something you want to do well it helps to “dress the part.” Think about it. When you go to bed at night, do you wear a suit or an evening gown? Well, there are may be exceptions depending on the night you had, but usually the answer to that is no! You wear comfy clothes…clothes that help you feel relaxed and ready to rest for an extended period of time. 

What about when you go to a job interview? You wear something that makes you look professional, sophisticated, and confident. When something makes you look empowered, you feel empowered. Can you think of other times when dressing the part has given you that confidence boost you needed?

The same goes for exercise – dress the part! Wear fitness clothes that help you feel motivated, confident, and inspired to perform your very best. That can look different for everyone. Perhaps it’s the colors you choose or the quote on your shirt. I love bright colors and motivational words on my shirts. My favorite type of shirts are dry fit loose tank tops. They can be found at brands like Under Armour to brands at Target and Walmart where prices vary. I look for sales! 

When it comes to your pants it might depend on the atmosphere you are exercising in. I will wear anything from spandex leggings, to wind pants, to gym shorts. Maybe wearing a baseball hat or headband helps you to be prepared for the exercise that awaits you. A white Nike baseball hat that I found at Marshall’s goes with all of my outfits! Whatever it is, find clothing and sneakers that feel comfortable and get you ready to sweat! Nike Air Maxes are my go-to workout sneakers right now, from walking to boot camp exercises! They support my ankles and help me stand tall! 

Whether you are going for a walk or doing a workout in your home or a gym, it is important to feel prepared and confident. If you look the part, you will feel the part and it will help you to be your best. You know it’s true! So I encourage you to find a style that works for you – one that helps get you excited to exercise!

by Megan Kita, HealthEase Fitness Specialist