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Exercising to burn calories is perfectly fine if the goal is weight loss. However, being obsessed with this as your primary driver to get up and move every day has consequences. For example, if you overindulge in food or drink, you may believe you need to exercise simply to make up for the extra caloric consumption. In that case, exercise can be viewed as a form of punishment to stay on track. This is an unhealthy and irrational way of thinking about exercise. Secondly, it puts you in a constant state of spinning your wheels, which is no way to make progress if your goal is true weight loss.

Here is what I recommend…

  • Decide if you want to lose, gain or maintain weight. Stick to that goal for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Establish the number of calories you need to eat to lose weight or gain weight. Stick to those calories for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Establish an exercise related goal or set of goals. Examples of goals: lose body fat, gain lean body mass, improve muscular strength or endurance, improve cardiovascular health, rehab from an injury, etc.

Finally, if you are struggling with goal setting, reach out to us at HealthEase. The biggest hurdle I have seen through experience is deciding what it truly is that we desire from our exercise. There is much more to exercise than burning calories!

by HealthEase fitness pro Dominick LaMorgia