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With falling leaves and dropping temperatures, one thing is for sure; ski season is right around the corner.  According to Dr. Stuart Styles of Somer Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group, “Few sports are as physically demanding as downhill skiing,” yet many skiers don’t properly train for this winter activity.


According to Dr. Styles, the most common injuries involve the knees, shoulders, and head.  Strengthening the muscles around these joints and improving one’s balance can help prevent many of these injuries.  It is also wise to train the muscles while performing similar motions to those performed when skiing.


A few exercises can help you get ready for the slopes:


1. Perform squats on a Bosu trainer or dyna Disc to help strengthen the knees while improving balance.  Use two Bosu’s or Discs, one under each foot, at first and progress to using one Bosu or Dyna disc for both feet.


2. Perform single leg squats for more advanced strength and balance training. Once you have mastered the form, then try squats on a Bosu trainer or Dyna Disc.


3. Incorporate shoulder exercises by adding an overhead press or chest push out while holding a squat.


If you’re unsure about conditioning exercises or need extra motivation, seek out a qualified personal trainer. Pre-season training before hitting the powder will help you be ready for a long and snowy winter.