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Sometimes we just don’t feel like exercising. Our mind could be on other things. We have tasks that demand our attention. We lack energy or interest. It can be difficult to push ourselves when we aren’t motivated. Life happens, but it’s important to make time to work out because it is very important! Consistency is vital to getting the physical and mental benefits of exercise.

Here are some simple but useful tips for getting and staying motivated:

Tip 1- Always have a plan! Set up a training plan so that you have an agenda for the days that you plan to train. Just like any important appointment, don’t skip a session. (If you have to miss a day, get back on your agenda the following day.)

Tip 2- Pack your athletic shoes and gym clothes. Before you go to bed, pack your favorite clothes and other necessities in your bag. If you are exercising at home, have your outfit ready so you don’t have to think what to wear.

Tip 3- Have a playlist. Go through and add songs to your playlist that will make you feel good and amped up! Aim for about 5-10 songs that you can shuffle.

Tip 4- Switch up exercises. Do you find yourself doing the same exact exercises each day you weight train? Well, it might be time for some new ideas! Some general structural exercises, such as new variations of squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and overhead presses, will do the job. For cardio workouts, try cross training.

Tip 5- Accountability is key. By having training partners or professional trainers you can rely on, you will have people who will encourage you when motivation is low.

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By HealthEase Fitness Pro Dominick L., M.S.