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How Tracking Exercise Can Keep Fitness Goals On Track
It can be challenging to consistently stay physically active. A physical activity log/diary is a great tool to track your fitness journey. The log helps you stay focused and on task in order to achieve your personal goals. 
I’m old fashioned and always maintain a binder with all my workouts. I find it gratifying to hand write my routines, then look back to previous ones and read my comments. 
Logging is an efficient way to measure your progress. It is a huge motivator and a free educator. You learn what works best for your body, what you need to improve, and the journal provides a sense of satisfaction. Referring back to old workouts boosts your confidence to strive higher. 
Regardless if you’re looking to lose weight, increase your strength, or beat your previous personal record…writing your exercises holds you accountable. If you’re slacking or procrastinating, the log doesn’t lie.
Your diary should include the days of the week, workout description, time of day, weather, duration, and a comment box for notes. Other categories like distance, heart rate, weight, and hours of sleep can be included as well. 
To log your exercise on the Internet, I recommend apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, MyFitness Pal, and FitBit to name a few. With the online trackers, there is a social component as well. Connect and compete with your friends if you find that fun and motivating. 
So start tracking your workouts and see how it helps you stay on track with your goals!
by John Byrne, HealthEase Fitness Specialist