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Article by Armand Tecco, M.Ed., president of HealthEase. Originally published in the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s newsletter:

Owners of Class A office buildings must compete for tenants by offering highly attractive amenities. Companies must do the same to hire the best recruits. One of the biggest benefits to offer is an on-site fitness center, open exclusively to people working in the building. This is especially important to millennials because they value the relatively new concept of workplace wellness. An on-site fitness center gives employees a place to exercise without leaving the office. The cost of membership is either subsidized by the employer or offered at a low monthly fee that undercuts commercial fitness centers.

My company, HealthEase, is a local fitness management company with more than 30 years’ experience designing and managing fitness centers for companies in the Philadelphia region. We also serve as a consultant to the owners, developers, and architects of multi-tenant office buildings, helping them with the design, layout, and equipment selection for their fitness amenity.

To maximize the investment in any on-site fitness center, whether it’s located in a multi-tenant building, a company’s headquarters, or a community’s recreation facility, many unique factors need to be considered. A short-sighted mistake can have costly consequences for the long term.

For example, the space must be large enough to accommodate the population size. The functionality of the layout must consider traffic flow, safety, and aesthetics.  It should include a dedicated area for group exercise classes. Locker and shower facilities need to be ample enough to meet the demands. Equally important is selecting the best exercise equipment to fit the space and suit the varied needs of users. An unbiased consultant can help sort through the complex options and compare bids from different equipment providers.

Just because a fitness center is built doesn’t mean people will come. A staff of fitness professionals is crucial to attracting members and achieving high utilization. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations, a knowledgeable staff can provide services like group exercise classes and personal training. They can also organize incentive programs, host team building events, lead educational seminars & workshops, and offer on-site nutrition counseling, among other employee wellness programs.

HealthEase, Inc. provides fitness center consulting and management services as well as individual wellness programming for corporate clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. For more information, visit or email