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By Gina Toscano, HealthEase Site Manager

Have you ever been so caught up in a task or activity that you lost track of what you were doing? Maybe it was gardening, ironing clothes or walking the dog that took you away from the present moment. That, my friends, is meditation in its simplest form.

Meditation is bringing your mind and body awareness to the present moment without judgment or expectations. Meditation is pure being, and it is something that you can do anytime, anywhere. You may be on a train with a passenger meditating right next to you, and you don’t even know it!

As a beginner, you may want to start with some guided meditations – search for ones you like on any streaming music service or YouTube. Eventually you can lead yourself into meditations on your own, once you get used to the idea of setting time aside for yourself. Just like playing an instrument or learning any other skill, meditation takes practice. You need to practice it frequently to receive the most benefits. It may feel funny at first, or you may wonder if you’re doing it right, but remember: there is no ‘right or wrong’ in meditation.

Here are four helpful tips to get started with a meditation practice:

  1. Choose a quiet, comfortable space in your home or office – anywhere you want to meditate, ideally at a time you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Keep a journal; write down how you feel before and after meditating.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe. Focus on your breath and at the top of every inhale count to 10 and then exhale slowly.
  4. Continue for as long as you’d like, even if it’s just a minute or two. As it becomes easier, you can extend your meditation time.