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We love to hear from clients who have overcome a challenge with our help! Read on for another HealthEase success story…


Rachel, an employee at a suburban Philadelphia pharmaceutical company where HealthEase manages the on-site fitness center, enlisted the help of our dynamite site manager Liz. After giving birth to twins, Rachel had trouble losing weight and resorted to wearing one pair of pants and buying loose dresses that fit her larger size. Once she made the decision to get healthy, Liz gave her an exercise and nutrition plan to follow. Rachel dropped 35 pounds and says: “I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. Liz kept me going when I got frustrated and pushed me past limits I set for myself in my head. Her knowledge, support, and dedication are amazing!”


Here’s what Liz has to say about the experience: “Rachel came to me with quite the attitude, “I want you to kick my ass into shape” she said, with this look of determination in her eyes.  I replied, ‘I can do that’ I encouraged Rachel to log her food on, and she did very well with that.  She is now a workout queen! It is amazing to see a transformation in someone, but even better when you see them enjoying exercise. She is now one fit mom!!”


Rachel Before:          Rachel After: