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A Fresh Start to Fitness

It can be a little overwhelming to start a new fitness program because of all the options available – exercise classes, diets, fitness gadgets, gyms, and more. To help you start your fitness journey, here are some simple steps to follow:   Assess your fitness level Assessing and recording your baseline fitness level can give […]

Run Faster with More Effective Arm Swings

In the last post, I described how to use your arms to run better. Now, if you want to get stronger, faster, and more proficient with your movements, practice the arm drive. This exercise will improve your arm swings when you add it to your training program twice a week.   Here is how to […]

Run with Your Arms!

To run fast, you need good leg movement. No surprise there. However, runners tend to forget it’s a full-body motion and that arm swings play an important role in your running mechanics.   Arm swings help your forward propulsion and balance when you run. They are the reciprocal reaction of leg movement. The backward motion […]

H.I.I.T is making impact with exercise enthusiasts!

Two HealthEase fitness professionals – Ty Tomlinson and Nick Perry – were featured in a recent article on H.I.I.T. Here is a snippet from the article, describing this new group exercise class, which is similar to Tabata. Check out the link below to read the entire story!   H.I.I.T stands for high intensity interval training. […]


Summertime tends to get steamy in July and August, yet exercise enthusiasts love their outdoor workouts. So how do you brace for a good sweat without suffering any consequences of exercising under a hot sun in high humidity?   Follow these helpful hints:   1. Don’t ditch the indoor machines! Continue to use treadmills and […]