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Breathe Deeper to Exercise Better (and FEEL Better)

Is the way you breathe taking away from your workouts? If you breathe from your chest (known as ‘shallow breathing’) you’re causing your neck, back and shoulder muscles to tighten and increasing your resting heart rate. This can affect how much oxygen you have for exercise and other physical activity.  Instead, we want to breathe […]

Staying Motivated to Exercise – A Personal Story

After the lockdown went into effect, the first few weeks were easy to stay motivated and into a routine. However, as the weeks went on I heard from many of you asking how I personally stay motivated, and why I find exercise to be such an important part of my life. Now that we’ve been […]

You DO Have Time for Mindfulness & Meditation!

Think you are too busy for mindfulness or meditation? If your reason is, “I don’t have time in my day,” ask yourself, “How much time do I spend checking Facebook posts?” “How much time do I spend surfing the internet?” I bet you’ll find you have five extra minutes a day for something as important […]

Press the Refresh Button

Feel like you’re running on empty? You’re not alone. Many of us are juggling kids and jobs and laundry in a seemingly endless loop of busyness, our only escape being the weekly grocery run. You may be feeling mentally and physically wiped out right about now. Perhaps it’s time to hit the “refresh” button. When […]

Focus on Lowering, not Lifting Weights

When you use dumbbells, do you put more effort into lifting or lowering them? Most likely, you concentrate on lifting, which is called the concentric phase of the muscle’s contraction. Think of a bicep curl. When we curl the weight up towards the shoulder, our bicep muscle shortens. When we lower the weight back down, […]