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How to Strengthen Your Entire Core

When we think of a strong core generally the first thing that comes to mind is abs. We think of the muscles going down the center of our stomachs giving us the chiseled “6 pack” look. However, if you look deeper, you will discover that “core” muscles are made up of so much more than […]

Stretching: So Simple! Yet Easier Said Than Done.

It’s easy to overlook stretching, but did you know it’s just as important as the actual workout? Here are some of the top reasons why it is important to perform a few simple stretches right after ANY workout, including cardio routines: Increases flexibility. Practicing simple stretches for flexibility reduces joint and muscle stiffness and increases […]

Dreams vs. Goals – Both are Important!

There is no time better than anytime to be DREAMING and GOAL SETTING. Do you have a preference? Do you find one more complicated than the other? Does one simply resonate with you more than the other? Both dreaming and goal setting are part of who we are 🙂 But how are they different? Dreams: […]

Exercise & Target Heart Rate Zone

In recognition of National Heart Health Month, we are using this space to explain how to gauge the intensity of your exercise based on your heart rate. Following are instructions for calculating your maximum heart rate and target heart rate zone – and how to check your heart rate during exercise. Find Your Maximum Heart […]