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What Does It Take to Be a Great Group Exercise Instructor?

We asked some of our HealthEase fitness specialists how to excel as a group exercise instructor and here is the insight they shared: “You need to be outgoing, loud, personable, and play great music!! People are taking time out of their day to workout out with YOU and YOUR class. Some even look forward to […]

What Does It Take to Be a Great Personal Trainer?

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A GREAT PERSONAL TRAINER? We asked that question to several HealthEase fitness professionals who provide our corporate clients with personal training services. Here’s what they had to say… MAKE A CONNECTION. “To be a good personal trainer I believe it is important to connect with your clients on a […]

HealthEase in the Press

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Meditation 101

By Gina Toscano, HealthEase Site Manager Have you ever been so caught up in a task or activity that you lost track of what you were doing? Maybe it was gardening, ironing clothes or walking the dog that took you away from the present moment. That, my friends, is meditation in its simplest form. Meditation […]

Don’t Wait to Weight Train

What do you do for exercise? Walk, jog, ride a bike outdoors, or use the cardio machines at your gym?  Or maybe you take a group exercise class like Spinning or yoga. If you’re only making time for a cardio workout, you’re missing out on the benefits of improving your muscular fitness through weight training […]