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Get creative with pumpkin consumption

My favorite part of the fall season? It’s making pumpkin a big part of my diet. Pumpkins are low in calories and loaded with nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, C and E as well as potassium and folate. This delicious fruit (pumpkin is not a vegetable!) is primarily thought of as a favorite pie ingredient […]

Welcome to the HealthEase Blog

This collaborative effort by the HealthEase team of fitness professionals is one more way we, as a company, are reaching out to help enrich lives through better health and fitness. Consider us your source for timely, reliable information as well as for fresh insights into employee wellness and how to make it work for you. […]

Seated Exercises for Desk Jobs

Being sedentary puts people at risk for all sorts of ailments, from back pain and stiff joints to poor circulation and obesity. Studies have even shown a link between sedentary living and the increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.   Desk jobs make it difficult to stay active during the work day. Ideally […]

The Rise of Workplace Wellness

According to an article by Shirley Archer, JD, MA, in the May 2012 issue of IDEA Fitness Journal, workplace wellness is poised for growth. The National Business Group on Health estimates that the industry will grow 18% over the next five years. Why? About 67% of the workforce is overweight or obese, and there has […]

The Brain Boost from Exercise

We all know that aerobic exercise is effective at reshaping and conditioning the body – but consider all it can do for your brain:   IMPROVES YOUR MOOD. If you’ve ever been under a lot of stress and decided to let off some steam by taking a brisk walk around the block you know what […]