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Weight Loss Success with Your Fuel Nutrition Coaching

This testimonial from Dan S. illustrates how nutrition coaching can help you adopt lifelong habits to reach and sustain your weight loss goals. We offer Your Fuel nutrition coaching to companies with health insurance benefits that cover the cost of private sessions with our registered dietitians. If you have Independence Blue Cross, Aetna, or another […]

Manage Your Cholesterol

Manage Your Cholesterol   Many Americans struggle with poor cholesterol readings. This may entail elevated LDL or “bad” cholesterol or low HDL or “good” cholesterol. If your cholesterol numbers are less than perfect, consider some of these tips to improve your heart health: Do more cardiovascular exercise. This can increase HDL levels. Eat a Mediterranean […]

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine!

If you haven’t changed up your exercise routine since last year, don’t wait another day to revitalize your workouts. Why? Because if you don’t give your body new challenges, you will stop seeing improvements. If you’re not exercising efficiently, you’re wasting time. If every workout looks the same, you’re bound to get bored. Here are […]

What Does It Take to Be a Great Group Exercise Instructor?

We asked some of our HealthEase fitness specialists how to excel as a group exercise instructor and here is the insight they shared: “You need to be outgoing, loud, personable, and play great music!! People are taking time out of their day to workout out with YOU and YOUR class. Some even look forward to […]

What Does It Take to Be a Great Personal Trainer?

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A GREAT PERSONAL TRAINER? We asked that question to several HealthEase fitness professionals who provide our corporate clients with personal training services. Here’s what they had to say… MAKE A CONNECTION. “To be a good personal trainer I believe it is important to connect with your clients on a […]