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How to Combat a Slow Metabolism

  Do you find it hard to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight even though you are eating healthy and exercising?   There’s a chance you could have a hormonal imbalance with your thyroid. If you experience any of the below symptoms, I would recommend asking your doctor for a blood test. Make sure […]

Exercise Really IS the Fountain of Youth

Did you know regular exercise could be your Fountain of Youth? Studies have shown that even just within a two-year training period, cardiovascular health can be improved by up to 20% when starting exercise in middle age; that’s a 5 to 10-year improvement in cardiovascular age! Not only will consistent exercise help with your heart […]

Shoes Made for Walking!

What are the right shoes for walking? Think FIT…FLAT…FLEX   Fit Athletic shoes tend to run short. If your shoes are too short, you will get blisters and aggravate bunions. Your athletic shoe size may run 1 to 1 1/2 sizes bigger than your dress shoe. Feet swell during the day. In the morning there […]

Medical Scare Motivation

Thomas thought the discomfort he was feeling was just cramps, but a doctor delivered shocking news: He was having a heart attack. Thomas was overweight with 40% body fat. He had high blood pressure and hypertension. Realizing he needed to take his health seriously, Thomas started working out at the Cira Fitness Center six days […]

Weight Loss Success Story

Andrea, a member of a HealthEase-managed corporate fitness center, started her fitness journey in July 2017. She made health a priority by staying consistent in the gym and changing her eating habits. HealthEase fitness professional and site manager Bridget taught Andrea the importance of following a well-rounded exercise routine to meet her fitness goals. Andrea […]