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Six Ways Tom Brady is Still Playing in the Super Bowl at 43

Whether you are a fan of Tom Brady or not, I think we can all agree that he’s doing something right with his health! Age is just a number to Brady, but how is he still playing in the NFL?! Here are 6 principles Brady says he follows personally to stay active, sharp and healthy: […]

How to Push Yourself to Work Out

Sometimes we just don’t feel like exercising. Our mind could be on other things. We have tasks that demand our attention. We lack energy or interest. It can be difficult to push ourselves when we aren’t motivated. Life happens, but it’s important to make time to work out because it is very important! Consistency is […]

Your Mental Health Needs Your Attention!

Manage your mental health. These 4 words can be very overwhelming to digest – especially when you have no idea where to even start! Most importantly, it means taking care of yourself – putting yourself FIRST when 99% of the time most of us put others’ needs before our own. This is not a selfish […]

What to Wear for Winter Workouts

Cold weather can keep us from exercising outdoors UNLESS you know how to dress appropriately! The following quick tips will help you dress snugly while letting you move freely and comfortably. Layer Up: Base layer – Start with a moisture-wicking lightweight fabric. This layer will help evaporate sweat rather than absorb it. The base layer […]

Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

Snow is beautiful when it’s falling but can be a lot of work to remove. In the winter months, back injuries are common due to strenuous activities like snow shoveling. Fortunately, most of these injuries can be prevented by following safe techniques… Prepare to Shovel Snow: Warm up your muscles to prevent injury. Cold, tight […]