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Dreams vs. Goals – Both are Important!

There is no time better than anytime to be DREAMING and GOAL SETTING. Do you have a preference? Do you find one more complicated than the other? Does one simply resonate with you more than the other? Both dreaming and goal setting are part of who we are 🙂 But how are they different? Dreams: […]

Exercise & Target Heart Rate Zone

In recognition of National Heart Health Month, we are using this space to explain how to gauge the intensity of your exercise based on your heart rate. Following are instructions for calculating your maximum heart rate and target heart rate zone – and how to check your heart rate during exercise. Find Your Maximum Heart […]

Kudos for Kickboxing!

Are you stuck in a workout rut? Adding a high-energy kickboxing routine to your exercise schedule may be just what you need to get motivated and re-energized. Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques with high-intensity cardio to give you a total body workout every time. Kickboxing has many benefits, here are just a few to […]

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Us Cope with Grief

Covid 19 is the cruelest disease I have faced in my lifetime.  I am sure most people feel the same way because it has caused us to change our lives in ways that we never thought were possible. It has caused pain that we never knew was fathomable.  On January 1st, 2021 I lost my […]