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Don’t Waste Your Weight Training On Things That Don’t Matter

Are your weight training workouts inefficient and bloated? Are you buried in the minutiae, spending far too much time on things that don’t matter? To get an effective, efficient workout for muscular fitness and improved physique, you need to heed the words of Bruce Lee: “It’s not the daily increase, but the daily decrease. Hack […]

Create a Weekly Workout Routine at Home

If you miss working out in a fitness center and are finding it a challenge to exercise at home, maybe what you need is STRUCTURE.  First, designate a room or area where you will work out.  Just like your bedroom should be for sleep, try to find “gym space” in your home that will be […]

To Exercise Regularly, Know Your Purpose and Motivation

Working out can be laborious, exhausting, and downright boring at times. There is no one singular trick that enhances your enjoyment of exercise but the first step is to figure out the “Why.”  Why do you work out? What do you hope to accomplish? Some people exercise to stay in shape, get in shape, balance […]

Body Weight Training – No Equipment Necessary

No exercise equipment? No problem. Just use your body! The world of fitness has so many training modalities that it can be hard to choose which ones to try. The truth is that even the simplest methods can work very well! Body weight training is a prime example.  It does not involve cool looking weights, […]

You Influence the Future!

Have you ever considered your influence in the world? From the actions that you take every day to the ideas we share – your presence helps shape the future! One of the greatest contributions you can make is to inspire and guide others. You become a truly positive force by setting a higher standard for […]