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We are happy to announce a new, innovative e-book for personal trainers authored by HealthEase site manager and fitness pro Jules Baratta. This is what Jules had to say about this fantastic idea she had to write a unique instructional manual for personal trainers…

I saw a need in the industry for trainers who struggle to perfect their clients’ form. Through our professional education, we are taught so much about the human body, but we aren’t necessarily taught how to translate this to our clients, who probably have little knowledge about their skeletal system or muscular structures.

I started writing this book last summer, just as a fun “creative outlet” project. I noticed through my trials and errors in training that movement “clicked” with most of my clients if I related motion to everyday objects instead of getting technical with muscle names and attachments or simply using directional cues.

Through my past professional dance experience as well as intensive Pilates training, I learned to use imagery and pictures as well as specific language cues to explain exercise moves. This became a clear, concise teaching method that elicits the exact motions I want from my clients. 

Through my book, Imagery for Personal Trainers: How to Teach Proper Movement in Plain English Using Silly Pictures, trainers will learn to use their imagination to explore motion and use those pictures to teach their clients more effectively.

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