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Plyometric exercise is a type of exercise that takes advantage of the stretch-shortening cycle of muscles in the body to mostly enhance strength and power. Some examples of exercises that can be categorized as “plyometric” include a box jump, jump rope, pogo hops, and even throwing and slamming soft objects.

These exercises are valuable to include into your training program if you are especially concerned with jumping, cutting, and/or running for distance, or for short, intense intervals. 

New on the market is a Sandbell, which is basically a soft, flat medicine ball filled with sand that can be used for the purposes of plyometric training. I like using this piece of equipment for throws and slams because it doesn’t roll away like a regular medicine ball and is convenient to carry around for travel. 

For proper execution of these exercises, make sure to do a full warm-up, as these exercises require the maximum amount of effort to be safe and effective in getting the most of their training value.

Sample Exercise:

  1. Find an area with 20-40 yards of grass or a softer surface. Grab your weight (e.g., Sandbell). Position your feet shoulder width apart, with toes pointed out slightly.
  2. Next, descend down and get a few practice swings, as if you were swinging a kettlebell up to your chest.
  3. For the throw, I want you to do the exact same movement, but extend your hips and keep your chest big whilst extending your arms up and over your head to release the object. As a reminder, all power comes from the legs, the arms just finish the movement.
  4. Aim for 5 to 10 throws total.
by HealthEase fitness specialist Dominick LaMorgia