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In the last post, I described how to use your arms to run better. Now, if you want to get stronger, faster, and more proficient with your movements, practice the arm drive. This exercise will improve your arm swings when you add it to your training program twice a week.


Here is how to perform the arm drive:


1. Relax the shoulders, and keep a straight spine. Imagine a straight line drawn from your head, through your shoulders to your hip. Bend the elbows to 90 degrees. Use 5 lb. dumbbells in each hand to create a pendulum-like swing from your shoulders.


2. While keeping your elbows bent, reciprocally swing your arms straight forward and back like a pendulum. Keep your body aligned in a straight position, and focus the movement to occur at the shoulder joint.


3. Keep the arms moving in a straight plane, and don’t let them cross your body. While running, if your arms cross your body, it will cause too much force and will result in too much torque and biomechanical ineffectiveness.


4. When your arm is on the downswing, your hand should never pass the beginning of the gluteal muscles (buttocks) because when your arm goes further back you begin to straighten the arm out, which slows you down.


5. Perform this movement 10 times on each side. Do two or three sets.


Click on this link to see my video of this exercise: