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There’s a simple quote I’ve been urging our friends, family, and clients to live by during the current pandemic: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

These are wise words that apply to all aspects of our lives, including our health and wellness journey.

With that said, here are six simple ways we can improve our health at home at a time when many of us still don’t have a gym handy and so much feels out of our control.

  1. Dial in Your Diet

Learning how to cook nutritious food will save you thousands of dollars down the road AND is the most important skill for helping to stay lean and healthy. You may have lacked time to master cooking before but if you are working from home and not going out much, you can take more control over your diet now. Use it wisely.

  1. Take Daily Walks: 10,000 Steps Per Day

Going stir crazy? Go for a walk. Sixty minutes of walking can burn 300-500 calories. Over the course of a week, that could help you lose as much as a pound of fat. Plus, walking is easy on your joints and relieves stress. Go with a family member or listen to an audiobook or podcast; walk when you wake up and after dinner. You will feel the effects on your body and energy level. 

  1. Use Daily Bodyweight Training to Boost Athleticism and Get Lean

A ton of people are going to emerge from lockdown in better shape, with more athleticism and healthier joints, thanks to bodyweight training. Bodyweight training has always been underrated, and now is the perfect time to experience its benefits. My top five bodyweight exercises are: Squat, Lunge, Push-up, Pull-up, and Plank.

  1. Improve Mobility and Flexibility to Reduce Pain and Stiffness

Less time with the weights means more time to improve joint mobility and flexibility. Here is a link to my quick demo of the warm-up routine I prescribe to clients:

Do this step daily whether you are fitness training or not. You will reduce back, knee, and shoulder pain and improve movement quality. It only takes five minutes to do, and you’ll look, feel, and perform better in a hurry.

  1. Set Up A Sleep Routine

The best thing you can do for immune function (and healthy anabolic muscle-building hormones and fat loss) is to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Stop watching TV an hour before bed. Put your phone down. Stop eating two hours before bed. Get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every day. Proper sleep will optimize both physical and cognitive performance. You will also manage stress more effectively.

  1. Pivot. Don’t Panic.

We all know this pandemic sucks. However, when times get tough, those who adapt and push ahead come out on top. So take our advice: “Pivot, Don’t Panic” – focus on what you can do, and you’ll emerge better on the other side.

by HealthEase fitness professional Joe Pepe