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If you haven’t changed up your exercise routine since last year, don’t wait another day to revitalize your workouts. Why? Because if you don’t give your body new challenges, you will stop seeing improvements. If you’re not exercising efficiently, you’re wasting time. If every workout looks the same, you’re bound to get bored.

Here are our ‘spring cleaning’ recommendations to help you dust off the old way of doing things and start fresh with a plan that gets you looking and feeling like new by summer:


If you use the same resistance and do the same reps each time, you’re in a rut. Work a little harder (higher resistance/more reps) and progress will follow.

#2        CROSS TRAIN!

Love to run? Addicted to the same group exercise class? Or do you skip cardio and go straight to the weight stacks? Instead, mix it up with different activities on different days.

Be sure to address all four components of fitness: Cardio, muscular, flexibility, and balance. They are all important!


This is similar to #1 and #2 but the idea is to challenge your body by changing the duration, intensity, and/or sequencing of your workouts. If you are unsure how to do this, hire a personal trainer to create an exercise program that incorporates this tip. Also consider your Rate of Perceived Exertion to help determine how hard you’re working:

#4        MOVE MORE!

Aside from your workouts, commit to moving more throughout your day. If you sit at a desk, get up every 30 minutes to perform stretches and other moves for a couple minutes. After dinner, go for a walk, take a bike ride, or try a yoga routine. If you have a dog, double the dog walking time (good for both of you).

By HealthEase Site Manager Gina T.