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It’s easy to overlook stretching, but did you know it’s just as important as the actual workout?

Here are some of the top reasons why it is important to perform a few simple stretches right after ANY workout, including cardio routines:

Increases flexibility. Practicing simple stretches for flexibility reduces joint and muscle stiffness and increases your range of motion. The more flexibility you have, the more you will be able to move freely, not just in your workouts but in everyday life!

Reduces chance of injury. This goes along with increased range of motion, the better the body can move and flow through a motion, the less chance of an injury! When the body has to fight against resistance (tightness) injury is more likely to happen.  

Reduces soreness. After a hard workout, your muscles can be a little tense. Stretching post-workout can relieve the tension that your muscles endured and start delivering more blood to them for recovery! More blood circulation to the muscles means more oxygen; more oxygen to the muscles means better muscle repair. The more efficient the repair, the less soreness you will experience!

Allows you to work out again sooner. This also goes along with increased blood flow and oxygen to the muscles! Stretching after a workout to deliver blood and oxygen to the muscles helps them start to repair quicker. The quicker they repair ,the sooner you’ll be ready to go for your next workout!

Don’t skimp on stretching after your next workout; your body will thank you later that you didn’t ignore this essential part of any exercise program.

By HealthEase fitness professional Jessika Miller