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We never grow tired of spreading GOOD NEWS! Read on to hear how one man’s membership in his company’s on-site fitness center led to a trimmer, healthier, more youthful self! 


Liz, a HealthEase site manager, recalls how Ken looked 10 years older than his actual age and was taking several medications for various medical conditions when he signed up for personal training sessions with her. “The first two times we trained, Ken had to sit down and catch his breath numerous times, and I saw him turn very pale.  We took things slow and steady and eventually started to see great progress.  I remember when he was able to go off many of his medications due to his exercise program! That was so exciting.  He is now very active, looks great for his age, and I have thoroughly enjoyed helping him reach his health goals.”


Here is what Ken has to say about the experience: “I started working out twice a week with Liz {at our company gym} with the simple goal of getting in shape. She has exceeded my expectations, and the results have been fantastic as I am now down over 40 pounds. I have also managed to cut some of my hypertension medicines as a result and feel great. My doctor is amazed. Liz has kept the gym workouts fresh and has mixed in a lot of dietary advice as well, which has been a huge factor in my success. She also goes beyond the day-to-day {responsibilities}; she ran with {our team} n the Broad Street Run and will also be biking with me and other employees in the MS Bike to the Shore ride in September.”


Before and After photos of Ken: