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This testimonial from Dan S. illustrates how nutrition coaching can help you adopt lifelong habits to reach and sustain your weight loss goals. We offer Your Fuel nutrition coaching to companies with health insurance benefits that cover the cost of private sessions with our registered dietitians. If you have Independence Blue Cross, Aetna, or another group policy, see if you are eligible for this free service. Contact HealthEase for more information. Here is Dan’s story…

I started my weight loss journey [a year ago].  There are so many things that motivated me to finally get focused on my health.  Suffice it to say, it was time!  I started by using common sense.  I decided to eat less and to eat healthier things.  I made choices that were easy and quick, and I made choices that I knew I could sustain long into the future.  I wanted this to be a lifestyle choice, not a diet program.

I experienced some early successes that motivated me to continue. However, my weight loss slowed down, and I was not sure what the next steps should be.  The timing was perfect.  I was researching our [health insurance] benefits to see if I could connect with a nutritionist who could take me to the next level.  Right around that time, I received an invitation from [our company’s HR manager] to attend a nutrition info session to be delivered by [Your Fuel Registered Dietitian] Nicole B..  I attended the session and afterward [learned] that our insurance would [cover the cost for] individual consultations with Nicole.  I signed up, and I have been meeting with Nicole and communicating with her via the Healthie portal ever since.

I am so grateful for the advice, coaching and encouragement I have been getting through my consultations with Nicole.  Nicole is very knowledgeable and skilled at giving advice that helps me to understand how to structure my diet to achieve the goals I am targeting.  She has suggested apps for my phone that help me track my nutrients and apps that help me to maintain an exercise program.  In addition, she has suggested many different foods and supplements that are specific to my needs.

I have lost 50 pounds and only have a few more pounds to go to reach my goal weight, but my plans are to continue eating the way I have been for the past year because I don’t view it as a “diet.”  It is just the new normal!