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Cold weather can keep us from exercising outdoors UNLESS you know how to dress appropriately! The following quick tips will help you dress snugly while letting you move freely and comfortably.

Layer Up:

Base layer Start with a moisture-wicking lightweight fabric. This layer will help evaporate sweat rather than absorb it. The base layer is most important for keeping sweat off the body, so you are able to maintain an appropriate core body temperature.

Middle layer Adding a thin fleece layer for additional breathable insulation will help keep you warm. Consider a mock turtleneck for added protection of your torso and neck.

Outer layer – Finish off with a jacket that is a nylon or windbreaker material. This will help repel wind, snow or rain while still allowing movement and ventilation.

Protect Your Extremities:

Scarf or mask  Add this layer loosely over your nose and mouth to prevent the sting of icy-cold air when you inhale.

Hat or ear covering We lose a lot of heat through our head so cover up with a warm shield from the icy winds, making your run much more enjoyable.

Gloves Try looking for insulated gloves that are touch-screen friendly, so you are still able to access your workout-tracking apps and music without taking them off.

Sunglasses and sunscreen! – Even in winter and on cloudy days, you still need to protect yourself from those UV rays. The sun also reflects off the snow making it hard to see.

Lastly, make sure your footwear suits the conditions. Worn-out tread can lead to falls on slippery surfaces. Waterproof shoes are important when wading through snow and slush. Prepare ahead and stay safe!

By HealthEase Fitness Professional Liz Courtney