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Have you ever considered your influence in the world? From the actions that you take every day to the ideas we share – your presence helps shape the future!

One of the greatest contributions you can make is to inspire and guide others. You become a truly positive force by setting a higher standard for yourself and motivating others to aim higher too. Like a set of dominoes, we tend to lean in the direction of people we admire and respect, while pushing others in that same direction. The affect can extend for generations, far beyond the people you directly encounter.

Considering your potential to influence others, doesn’t it make sense to find the best ways to lead and educate others?  One of the most effective tools is to lead by example. Be aware of how you carry yourself and the decisions you make each day to be a better person. People will notice these behaviors, see how you have benefited, and be inspired to adopt some of your good habits because they admire and respect you and your lifestyle.

Leading by example works much better than simply telling someone over and over to do something. People need to arrive at their own conclusions before they understand the life lessons you want to teach. For example, if you want your family to take better care of themselves, don’t just nag them about their lack of exercise and healthy eating. Follow your own fitness routine and eat nutritious meals. Stay committed to your personal goals for better health. They may follow your lead without feeling judged or inferior. If they realize on their own what needs to change, they will feel empowered and have more confidence to accomplish their goals – because you are proof it is possible!

As always, the HealthEase team is here to help you on your wellness journey. Do it for yourself AND for your friends and family, knowing you may help change their lives!

by Alex Sullivan, HealthEase fitness specialist