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Manage your mental health. These 4 words can be very overwhelming to digest – especially when you have no idea where to even start! Most importantly, it means taking care of yourself – putting yourself FIRST when 99% of the time most of us put others’ needs before our own. This is not a selfish act by far, yet we are so ingrained to BELIEVE it is selfish that it can be a real struggle to not feel guilty when we choose to help ourselves instead of someone else.

Let’s start out small … Just like you would make time for exercise or a doctor appointment or your job work, or a shower … take time to sit and breathe and be aware of how you are feeling.

How is your breathing – is the air flow moving fast? Is each breath short? Take it as a sign to step back and relax. Close your eyes and practice counting to 8 on your inhale and 8 on your exhale. Repeat a few times until you feel less “rushed.”

Are you experiencing “Monkey Mind?” This term refers to when thoughts are literally jumping and bouncing in and out of your conscience, non-stop. Take it as a sign your brain needs some R&R. Sometimes, journaling helps a great deal with this. Emptying out our minds before we sleep is especially important.

Remember: your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Allow them to work together. Your body will thank you repeatedly!

by HealthEase fitness & wellness specialist Megan Forgie