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Debbie G. joined the Pepper Fitness Center in March 2017 after losing 20 pounds through the Weight Watchers program. Motivated by her initial weight loss, Debbie was brimming with enthusiasm and was ready to commit to a regular workout routine. She was an exercise novice when she came to Amanda, the HealthEase site manager, this time last year, and asked for help in creating a program to get her started. Debbie started with some basic resistance exercises that were simple and approachable.


After about one month of coming to the gym regularly three days a week and continuing to lose weight, she was ready to up the ante. Over the course of the past year, Debbie exercised at the gym consistently, 3-5 days a week, updating her workouts every couple of months to keep things challenging and interesting. Not only has she been consistent with her exercise routine, but she’s maintained her enthusiasm and positive attitude!


Since joining the gym a year ago, Debbie has shed more than 30 pounds (on top of the 20 that she had already lost before joining), making a complete transformation! She has fully adopted a healthy lifestyle by seeking help and support in the areas of diet and fitness, and no longer worries about getting on the scale, claiming, “After losing 50 pounds, I stopped weighing myself and just go by how my clothes fit.” Debbie has been an inspiration to many people at Pepper’s law firm, and it is a pleasure to share her success story!