Our Company

Based in Wayne, Pa, HealthEase has been helping corporations and other organizations make a positive impact on the health and fitness of their employees for more than 30 years. From Fortune 100 companies with 5,000+ employees to organizations with as few as 200 people, HealthEase delivers practical, customized wellness solutions on any scale. We have handled the design and management of on-site fitness facilities ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 square feet. Our wide range of employee health promotion and wellness programs are tailored to each company’s needs.


Our Competitive Edge

Why should you hire HealthEase? Our competitive edge sets us apart from other corporate fitness providers and gives you distinct advantages:


We take a proactive approach to deliver unmatched customer service.


You’ll be serviced by our well-trained, personable staff as well as our hands-on senior management team. That’s a rare combination!


Our staff gets to know you and your employees by getting out from behind the desk and onto the exercise floor. We provide personalized instruction and genuine encouragement – all of which inspires people to reach their goals. That’s a difference you’ll appreciate!


Our senior management team is regularly on-site, involved, and fully prepared to anticipate and immediately respond to your needs. That’s a real benefit you won’t find with other providers.


HealthEase avoids waste while adding value.

Due to our company’s size and structure, we deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your health & fitness needs. From our efficient and proven staffing model to our value-added services, we eliminate needless expenditures yet exceed expectations.


As our clients will attest, we are PROACTIVE and RESPONSIVE. We take the initiative wherever and whenever we can to achieve your specific goals and maximize your investment in employee health and fitness.


We provide CUSTOM FIT PROGRAMMING to suit your company’s mission and budget, your employee demographics and interests, and other key factors. No “one size fits all.”


We inspire employees to participate – and enjoy it!

HealthEase sets the industry standard for achieving impressive numbers in membership and utilization of corporate fitness centers. Whereas our competitors settle for 15-20% participation of employees using the facility regularly, HealthEase sites consistently capture 35-65% of the employee population.


We understand how to attract the entire spectrum of your employee population, including those who require more encouragement to exercise and adopt healthy behaviors. It starts with an enthusiastic staff and an inclusive, upbeat environment that motivates and re-energizes people. 



Co-Founder and President of HealthEase, Armand Tecco has more than 35 years of professional experience in the health & fitness industry. In addition to corporate fitness management, he has the unique advantage of having owned and managed commercial health clubs. Armand earned his Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Temple University and his BS degree in Fitness Management from West Chester University. Armand is also a certified health/fitness instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine and a certified strength & conditioning specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association.


Under Armand’s dynamic leadership, the entire HealthEase team takes a proactive, hands-on approach to serve our clients. Because of this, HealthEase has a firmly-established reputation in the marketplace for unequaled customer service and personalized attention.