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Our Clients Say

"We brought HealthEase in 10 years ago [to plan, design and manage our onsite fitness center]. Ever since then we've continued to increase headcount in our company, and the fitness center memberships have paralleled that. We attribute that to Armand and his company. It's a hands-on management approach where Armand stays involved. That makes all the difference. He goes above and beyond. His personal touch and enthusiasm cascade down to his staff, which provides excellent service....When I tour job applicants or customers through our facility, I'll show them the fitness center. People are really impressed. We have a very successful story here, and we're proud of it."

Vice President of Facilities, international leasing company


"I wanted to extend my thanks to the HealthEase team for the professional wellness program established here. The employees have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and have embraced the program that you developed. I am most pleased, as are the employees, with the personalized attention each of them receives on a weekly basis. Your management of the program is great as well as the monitoring of the employees' progress.... We have recently been recognized as one of the top healthy workplaces in Pennsylvania. This is no doubt due to the HealthEase program and the acceptance of our employees to the HealthEase methods."

President and CEO, global diagnostics company


"HealthEase has been running the Fitness Center [in our multi-tenant complex] since 2007. During that time we have gotten all positive feedback from our tenants with regards to the customer service that is provided by HealthEase as well as the excellent services, which include: personal training experts, fitness and wellness programs including the "Biggest Loser" contest, fitness and wellness programs, marketing strategies, and Lunch & Learn seminars. The staff is always professional and pleasant and very accommodating to our customers. All in all, our experience with HealthEase has been extremely 'healthy'!"

Sr. Property Manager, the region's largest commercial real estate firm


“HealthEase has lived up to their name. We were looking for a wellness program that could positively impact the lives of our employees, and that is exactly what we have achieved. Thanks to HealthEase, we have been able to educate our employees on the proper techniques for diet and exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The HealthEase staff is comprised of knowledgeable people who understand nutrition and physical fitness; they have been the key to our program.”  

Chief Human Resources Officer, national law firm


The entire HealthEase family has been a pleasure to work with! From helping us roll out an office-wide exercise competition, to providing us with healthy eating seminars they have helped to cultivate a health-conscious culture in the office. They have provided us with the necessary tools to make better lifestyle decisions. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they certainly have made this process fun for everyone in the office. We are having a blast and many of us are feeling healthier, too. It continues to be an incredible journey!

- Managing Partner/COO, Insurance Company 


As a fast-growing, entrepreneurial company, we looked for a fitness health and wellness company with the same synergies. HealthEase mirrors our core values and provides a wide variety of fitness advantages for our members.  Our members love all aspects from group teaching on overall fitness and group aerobic classes to individual training and massage. HealthEase collaborates with our HR department to provide our members with wellness programs and health testing. Best for me, HealthEase manages the total program with almost no time or effort on my part.

- Facilities Manager, Finance Company


We have worked with HealthEase for more than 10 years. They helped us to develop and build our corporate gym, establish daily fitness classes for our employees and create fun employee wellness events each year. Their staff is knowledgeable and professional and our success as a “Healthiest Workplace” can be highly attributed to the HealthEase team. 

- HR Manager, Biotechnology Company


Comments from our clients and their employees, received during 2020 and into 2021 when the pandemic required office buildings and fitness centers to close, and we switched to providing virtual services:

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and your amazing team. We are so blessed to be able to work with HealthEase and have the opportunity to continue our wellness program virtually. We really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to keep our program moving along under these very strange circumstances. We look forward to our weekly sessions—for me personally, this program helps keep me on the ledge! Our Gentle Stretch session with Megan was fantastic today. Very well done and much needed! Our group really enjoys the weekly mindfulness sessions too—that was a phenomenal idea! It’s like a private club.”

"I would like to take a moment to thank [the HealthEase team] for their amazing work before COVID-19 and after. Their effort to support and encourage the members to keep working out and maintain their physical and mental health is beyond great....I was able to learn new healthy habits when working out such as using right motion, how and when to increase/decrease the weight....My lower back pain improved and gradually I started seeing results in muscles, performance and strength.”

"It was really hard for me to get into a fitness routine while working from home with all the new challenges life presented in 2020.  Having [our] FB group has been a great way for me to get and stay motivated, feel connected to people I miss seeing at the gym and, most importantly, provides a place to go (virtually) for inspiration - including great workouts and nutrition advice from [the HealthEase team]." 

"You are truly my motivation. I was able to sneak in workouts during this crazy 2020 year because of your determination to keep these FB Lives going. Thank you so much!!!"

"Thanks for keeping us motivated and going during the pandemic. You are not just a great trainer but a good human being as well. God bless you!" 

"I would like to take a moment to thank Alex and Dom for their amazing work before COVID-19 and after. Their effort to support and encourage the members to keep working out and maintain their physical and mental health is beyond great. With Dom’s assistance I was able to learn new healthy habits when working out such as using right motion, how and when to increase/decrease the weight. He made me understand the true concept of lifting and corrected my mentality that lifting light weight is fine because light weight with correct execution is more effective that lifting heavier weight with the wrong motion. My lower back pain improved and gradually I started seeing results in muscles, performance and strength.”

"Since changing direction from just working out with sore shoulders, I used your videos to begin at home rehab and my shoulders are starting to feel much better! I was struggling with this pain for longer than a month until you provided the motivation and much-needed advice on proper stretching. I would also like to add that these weekly chats on MS Teams have been very beneficial for my mental and physical stress. Having my peers to talk to, instead of my venting of sore shoulders and lack of activity falling on deaf ears here at home has been refreshing. Thank you for the group you created, and I want to especially thank everyone that has taken the time to share their exercising miseries to let me know I'm not alone in my struggles."

"This group and these meetings have been extremely helpful. It has motivated me to focus on my personal fitness goals. To date I have lost close to 15 pounds since we started, and it is because of this group that keeps me motivated. Too often we get stuck in the routine of work especially during COVID times. We are stuck at home and hanging with the same people day in and day out. Yes, I miss my co-workers and gym buddies. It was a routine that I enjoyed. This weekly meeting has given me a little of that routine back. it the opportunity to vent, talk about success and failures and just step away from all the BS that is going on in this world. For that I am thankful. It is tough to measure the success of this program but what I can tell you it has done wonders for me. Thank you."

"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for continuing to send out workouts and tips and tricks while we are home. While I would much rather be in class with you every morning, it’s comforting to know you are thinking about us. As well as continuing to kick me in the rear with the workouts. I would think doing it at home would be easier, but I can hear you in my head while doing them and it definitely motivates me. While I haven’t lost weight during this, I have maintained and that is due to the workouts you keep sending. Keep it up, thanks. Can’t wait to get back together."