Fitness Center Planning

To help you maximize the investment your company is making in worksite wellness, HealthEase will guide you through the planning process to make sure the most appropriate steps are taken to develop a fitness facility and wellness programs that address the concerns of your employees and stay within your budget.


Needs Assessment
HealthEase will assess the employees’ health/fitness needs and interests as well as your employee demographics, along with your budget and your facility’s physical realities, to determine the proper size and scope of your on-site fitness center.


Fitness Center Design
HealthEase is well-versed in fitness center design, having worked with architects, builders, interior designers, and facility managers to plan and design many on-site fitness centers. Our clients hire us as valued consultants, providing insights and addressing issues that are often overlooked by general contractors. From floor plans and equipment layout to plumbing, mirror placement, and locker room design, we make sure your plans take everything into consideration. We maximize safety, functionality, and aesthetics — while keeping costs down!


Equipment Selection, Procurement & Installation
To help you make the wisest choices for furnishing your fitness center, HealthEase will provide professional recommendations for the selection of exercise equipment and other components of the facility. We will also recommend providers who can give you the best price on the recommended equipment. In addition, we will assist with the installation to ensure that everything is in its proper place and fully operational. Our expertise will save you money, time, and aggravation while ensuring you made a sound investment.


Start up and Opening of Fitness Center
HealthEase will work with you to make sure your on-site fitness center opens on schedule, on budget, and is running smoothly from Day One. Some of our responsibilities at this stage include employee communications, implementation of policies and procedures, various administrative functions, inventory, pre-opening membership drives, and promotional activities to generate excitement.